Artists Displayed

These artists below will be displaying their artwork at The Cadallic Room inside Riverview Church.

Justin Troisi
My work represents the beauty of the natural world arranged in colorful compositions, often with the suggestion of "decoration" or "manipulation." I enjoy the use of baroque lighting in compositions and subtle colorations to the darkness as compliment to the foreground palette.
I have been working with oil paint since 1996. My more formal education in the medium began at Kendall College of Art and Design in fall of 2000. I earned my BFA in 2004 and completed my MFA in Fine Art Painting in 2007. 
In Summer 2007, I enrolled and attended an Art Restoration class in Florence, Italy, at SACI (Studio Art Center International). In this very interesting and intensive class there was a lot of hands on work and actual restoration of actual damaged works. There was a focus on the "Anatomy" of a painting, with the stretcher as the bones, the canvas the muscle and tendon, and the paint and varnish, the skin. The experience forever changed construction and care of my own stretcher before the canvas is ever introduced. And, the chance to visit Italy for 6 weeks was hard to pass up.
In the Lansing Area, I have shown my work at the Greater Lansing Arts Council, Cedar Street Art Collective, the Hannah Community Center in East Lansing, Woke Gallery in REO Town. I have paintings in private collections in New York, Lansing, Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Holland, Holt, Dimondale, and many other known and lesser known locations. 
Claudia has been painting since 2018 when she was inspired by Mid-century architecture on a trip to Palm Springs. She works in acrylics to capture a variety of subjects, with a special emphasis on Lansing landmarks past and present, vintage signs and scenes, classic cars, and cats. She also works in polymer clay and has been making and selling beads and jewelry since 2008. Claudia’s work can be found locally at Great Lakes Art and Gifts in Old Town, and at the Little Red Schoolhouse on W. Saginaw Street.
Online, visit www.facebook.com/ClaudiaOttingerART, www.etsy.com/shop/ClaudiaOttingerART, and www.ottingerart.redbubble.com.
Ariniko O'Meara
Ariniko is a Greater Lansing photographer, community promoter, and local author and publisher. Ariniko has been a photographer in the Lansing community for 19 years and participates in many #lovelansing events. Her photographs have been published in the City pulse, Lansing State Journal, MiCIA, and her photo book, The City Saunter Project, released summer of 2019. Her photographic style is relaxed and natural, with a strong eye for context and composition. She has worked as the Riverwalk Theatre's professional photographer for 4 years as well as capturing many Lansing community events. She has participated in the Art & Craft Beer Festival for seven years.  

Website: www.ariniko.com
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kelsea O'Meara

 Kelsea O'Meara is a hobby artist with too many hobbies. In her spare time she's a full time mother and house spouse to her marvelous husband and mischievous son. She also enjoys working with her horses, who serves as inspiration and muse for her artwork.

 Nick Kwiatkowski
Nick Kwiatkowski is an adjunct professor and the Telecom Manager at Michigan State University.  He is a year-round cyclist and enjoys traveling around with his camera in tow.

Rob Shelburg
Rob Shelburg is a local artist whose work has been seen around town for more than 25 years. You have likely noticed examples of his murals at The Green Door, Saddleback BBQ, The Soup Spoon, or The Loft, or his smaller pieces hanging at The Peoples Kitchen, Soup Spoon, REO Town Pub, among other places in Lansing.  

Rob’s style of overlapping lines, shapes and textures intend to compel the viewer to participate in the piece by providing their own context and meaning to the forms that, at first, may seem disembodied and chaotic.  
Each piece is autobiographical, in that it is a dictation of Rob’s internal celebrations and struggles, as each mark brings these feelings to life. Rob lives in Haslett, MI with his partner, Ellen, their daughter, Lyra, as well as two kitties named George and Nora, and their Dog, Hankster.