Short Films

A lineup of short films featuring hand selected films by Michael McCallum and also some of his award-winning films from his company, Rebel Pictures.

Rebal Pictures

Block 1 (12noon):

The Sentence trailer, Fairview St. trailer, Every Moment Counts, Small Town Fireworks, Secret, Four-Ninety, Flickering Blue

Block 2 (1:30pm)

Two For the Show trailer, Accidental Exorcist trailer, Plunder, From Flint: Voices From a Poisoned City, Shadows, Red Skies, Poor Little Witch Girl, Foreword, Low End

Block 3 (3:15pm)

Confidence Of a Tall Man trailer, Buffalo trailer, , Nosey, Shotgun Wedding, Oh, Masago, Total Apocalypse Of the Heart, Chocolate and Cigarettes

Block 4 (4:30)

Ed's Whale trailer #2, Lucky Jay trailer, Silver Platter