Artists Displayed

These artists below will be displaying their artwork at The Cadallic Room inside Riverview Church.


Alejandra Soleil Pochert

My name is Alejandra Soleil Pochert, and there are a couple things to know about me: I am a 15 year old, Native-American/Mexican student attending DeWitt High School in Dewitt, Michigan. I am a mixed media artist, but I prefer pencil portraits and sketches the most. I have been making art my whole life, but with practice I started getting much better about 3 years ago. I find drawing much easier than painting, although I do like to paint. I often convey hidden messages throughout my art, ranging from political issues to the lack diversity in the arts. Someday, I hope to create more often than I do now, so I can bring my art to many different people.

Ariniko O'Meara

Ariniko is a Greater Lansing photographer, community promoter, and local author and publisher. Ariniko has been a photographer in the Lansing community for 19 years and participates in many #lovelansing events. Her photographs have been published in the City pulse, Lansing State Journal, MiCIA, and her photo book, The City Saunter Project, released summer of 2019. Her photographic style is relaxed and natural, with a strong eye for context and composition. She has worked as the Riverwalk Theatre's professional photographer for 4 years as well as capturing many Lansing community events. She has participated in the Art & Craft Beer Festival for seven years.  

www.ariniko.com // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // 517-484-8789 // Instagram @ariniko_artistry_photography
Charlie Worthington

Charles Worthington is a paleoartist, scientific illustrator, and avocational vertebrate paleontologist. His artwork captures the awe-inspiring animals from the majestic history of this planets life. Traditional media of oil and graphite creates art realistically illustrating extinct life. His work compares favorably to the great artists which inspire him, Charles R Knight and James Gurney.

Regardless of lacking formal art education, Charles has worked on many projects involving the National Forest Service, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and recently is a concept artist working on the video game “Ecoterra”.

www.csworthington.com // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // facebook.com/csworthington //  instagram.com/c.s.worthington 
David Such

A lifelong resident of the Lansing area, David has a passion for art, design and metal fabrication. David is a partner and the Director of Photography at Render Studios, Inc; a creative video production and post production company located in Lansing’s Old Town, renderstudios.com . 

In 2008 David created Old Town ScrapFest, an annual art sculpture competition which raises awareness to the role public art plays in the health and well being of the world.

David is actively pursuing the expansion of space and reason by expanding his boundaries of space and reason.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Elizabeth O'Meara

Elizabeth is displaying at the Art & Craft Beer Festival for the first time as a youth artist. Elizabeth attends Haslett High School as a freshman and is an active member of Band, Choir, and art club. She has always created. Even as a child she would use her surroundings to create, whether it was molding clay into horses and creatively creating a fluffy tail out of dried flowers, or painting detailed shapes across an entire wall of her bedroom. Art has always been in her blood. She flourishes in painting, drawing, and 3-D art and is quickly developing a distinct artistic style. Her art can be found on her Instagram page.

Instagram @ masqueraded._.ravenette

Ivan Iler

Is a Michigan based artist who has many irons in the fire in terms of the mediums he uses, sometimes even literally iron in the fire. Sculpting, carving, engraving, metal fabrication (including blacksmith), painting, leather smith, drafting and mechanical design are some of the many fields used buy Ivan in his art as well as his daily work as a motorcycle engineer and fabricator at his shop in St Johns, Hammer In Hand Custom Cycles.

HammerInHandCycles.com // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John McGraw
John has been a professional in the visual arts for more than 25 years. He has travel to all lower 48 states and several internal countries in the last several years. John enjoys capturing landscapes, cityscapes and street photography.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // facebook.com/JohnMcgrawPhotography // johnmcgrawphotography.com

Julian Van Dyke
While American artist Julian Van Dyke may have found a love for painting in childhood, drawing the cartoon images he saw on the television screen and creating pen and ink works inspired by Marvel and DC comics, his adult styling has been influenced by Picasso Miro, Richard Hunt, Georgia O'Keefe, Kandinsky, Warhol, and Romare Bearden. From smooth jazz to soulful women to African Spiritual subjects, Van Dyke's art reflects family, culture, humanity, and a sense of reality through bold imagery and whimsically colorful works. 
Van Dyke's imprint in the art world has extended to communities where cities have commissioned him to create outdoor murals. He has also brought his talents into schools, teaching and speaking to students about this creative process, "The ever eroding art curriculum in public schools presents a challenge, but as artists if we have inspired just one, our work has not been in vain. The glorification I get from them makes it all the worthwhile." Van Dyke has also written and illustrated children's books, inspiring a new generation. 

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Michelle Detering
Michelle is a nature inspired watercolor and mixed media artist from Michigan. She works in a variety of media including watercolor, photography, mixed media and collage, with watercolor being her primary medium. Her work offers a contemporary take on watercolor that resists the traditional restraints of the medium. Her work emphasizes fluidity and flow, and demonstrates a balance between looseness and control. She likes to use whatever medium best helps channel the story she is trying to tell about the natural world and hopes to inspire people through her art to the see the beauty in nature.

Facebook bellelunearts // Etsy people/bellaymaya // Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // Website michelledeteringart.com  // Instagram michelle_detering_art


Shawn Dyer
I am an artist, IT professional, designer, wanderer, outdoors man, proud father, and amateur adventurer. I love to immerse myself in art, nature, and music. I seize the opportunity to push my limits creatively, physically, and intellectually. I have had a lifelong obsession with the outdoors, and water in particular. The fluid nature of my art is a creative manifestation of that obsession.

Throughout my life, I’ve traveled the country and lived in a variety of places. In each place, I found an outlet for my art – whether it was painting, jewelry making, creating and playing musical instruments or working in nature, art has been a major part of my life. For more than 20 years, Lansing has been my home. I love the community and opportunities here and hope to share my art with others.

Acrylic on canvas has been my latest artistic medium of choice. I use paint, fire, wind, water, and canvas to create one of a kind abstract art pieces. I experience a feeling of freedom, happiness and blissfulness while painting. Knowing that for a brief moment someone else viewing my art might experience a similar emotion is truly special. I appreciate and embrace every opportunity to share my art with others – whether it be giving paintings to friends and families or sharing them for charitable events and fundraisers, I simply want people to smile and be happy.

Last year I had several opportunities to share my abstract creations. I had my first large scale installation on Lansing's artPATH. I was a featured artist at Katalyst Gallery in Old Town, and participated in multiple gallery shows around the state. I also led a group demonstration at last years REO Town Art & Craft Beer festival, where I was able to share my techniques with a crowd of all ages. 

artisfluid.com // Facebook ArtIsFluid // Instagram art.is.fluid