Art Demos

The REO Marketplace will feature art demos from Noon to 8pm. Most of the demos will be looking for audience participation. 

Noon to 1pm

Making Slime Demo hosted by Rebecca-Lynn Douglas

Hands on demo for kids to make slime.

1pm to 2pm

Cartooning Demo with Daniel J. Hogan

Learn the basics of cartooning from a local cartoonist! Daniel will show artists of all ages how to make simple, funny drawings. Create creatures from basic shapes, see how to add expressions, and more in this live art demo.

2pm to 3pm

interactive pour painting demonstration with Shawn Dyer

Pour painting is super fun and easy! Using a variety of paints, materials, and techniques we create one of a kind colorful abstract paintings. We invite you to participate in our demo, and create a painting of your own! Materials and instructions will be provided by Art Is Fluid. This is an exciting activity for both young and old! This demo will be limited to 20 participants.

3pm to 4pm

building A liquor cabinet Out of Bourbon Barrel by Jason Yirsa - Part One

Watch Jason build a liquor cabinet out of a bourbon barrel in a two part demo. Most of the cutting will be off-site but during the demo he will create a large serving table which includes using a jigsaw to trim the edge of a slab of wood and screw in barrel staves along the edges. After that there will be slight sanding with belt sander  Then a blow torch is used to add detail to the grain of the wood.

4pm to 5pm


Explore a variety of Mixed Media and Collage techniques with local artist Steph Joy Hogan. Participants will create their own Valentine Postcards using multiple arts supplies such as special papers, paints, markers, crayons and glues.

5pm to 6pm

Jive One 7even Drawing Demo

6pm to 7pm

WoodWorking Demo Mickey Fink showing how to make rings 

Mickey will be showing the diffrent stages of how to make wood rings. 

7pm to 8pm

building A liquor cabinet Out of Bourbon Barrel by Jason Yirsa - Part Two