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AA Creative Corridor 

Ariniko O'Meara

Ariniko is a long standing photographer for the greater Lansing area specializing in family portraits as well as capturing the spirit of many local events. Her recent project to walk every street in Lansing produced well over 10,000 images of the city many of which will be showcased at this event as well as other favorites. Check out more of her work at www.ariniko.com and on her Facebook Page facebook.com/arinikoartistry

Contact: 517-484-8789 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.ariniko.com/gallery.php?gallery=BeerFest17-Exhibit

Title:  Meduim: Price:
Art Attack '13 Framed Photograph $75
Jumping Waves Framed Photograph $75
House in a Bubble Framed Photograph $75
 Deer Lick Framed Photograph $75
 Fire Twirler Framed Photograph $75
 Capitol Lights Framed Photograph $200
 Foggy Tracks Framed Photograph $200
Autumn Trail Framed Photograph $200
Hot Air Framed Photograph $200

Elisa Schmidt

Elisa B Schmidt grew up in Southeast Michigan with a love of cars and the talent to paint. After graduating from Siena Heights University with a degree in art, she combined the two and created a visual style that is literally reflected in all of her work. She currently resides in Lansing, MI with her husband and dog, Duchess and dabbles in other art forms as well as watercolor. Locally, she has shown at Absolute Gallery and Katalyst Gallery in Old Town Lansing, The Technology and Innovation Center, Okemos Library, Gracie's Place in Williamston, and most currently Keys to Creativity in the Lansing Mall and Studio Retreat in St. John. In 2015 she painted a piano in collaboration with the Keys in the Cities project with a Lansing Lugnuts theme which sat outside Midtown Brewing Co. In the summer of 2016 she collaborated with author Lisa Mulka to illustrate the children's book, “The Business of Beans, a Young Entrepreneur’s Story in Tanzania” scheduled to be released the beginning of 2017.

Contact: 517-575-8300 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title:  Meduim: Price:
Map to Lansing Brewing Co.  Watercolor and Acrylic $275
Map to Blake's Hard Cider Co. Watercolor, Acrylic, Paint Pens $250
Map to Right Brain Brewery
Watercolor, Acrylic $225
Map to Mid Town Brewing Co.
Watercolor, Acrylic, Paint Pens $275
Map of Michigan Breweries Watercolor, acrylic, paint pens NFS

John McGraw

John McGraw has been a professional in the visual arts for more than 20 years. He has been to all the lower 48 states in the US and loves to capture Cityscapes, Landscapes, and street photography. All of his photography that he show has been captured since 2010 when he found his passion for photography again.

johnmcgrawphotography.com or Email at jmcgrawphotography@gmail.com

Title:  Meduim: Price:
McWay Falls Big Sur CA FuJi Crystal Paper $550
Zion National Park FuJi Crystal Paper $550
Horseshoe Bend Page AZ FuJi Crystal Paper $550
Antelope Canyon FuJi Crystal Paper $550
Grand Canyon                                FuJi Crystal Paper $550

Kimberly Lavon

Kimberly Lavon is a fine art printmaker, graphic designer & gallery owner. Her body of work is a visual manifesto, making real the otherwise intangible in human experience – joy, loss, possibility & more.In addition to creating original works for public & private collections, she offers workshops in printmaking at her studio in East Lansing, MI. Her work can be seen locally in the Mid-Michigan area, as well as many galleries across the country. She has been featured in both solo & joint exhibitions since 1999.

As an artist, Kimberly has been recognized both locally and Nationally. She is the recipient of the 2012 Individual Artist Grant & has the distinction of being one of the first Chris Clark Fellows. Presented by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Additionally, she was a nominee for the International Windgate Artist Fellowship, 2008.

Website: kimberlylavonink.com

Phone: 517.862.6129

Title:  Meduim: Price:
Speaker Lino cut & chine-collé print $75
Gramophone Lino cut & chine-collé print $75
Radio Lino cut & chine-collé print $75
Lino cut & chine-collé print
Blade Lino cut & chine-collé print  $75

Cadillac Room

Ivan Iler

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ivan Iler is a Michigan based artist that has interests in all forms of art, and has been intrigued about how things work since he was a boy. Ivan has many irons in the fire in terms of the mediums he uses, sometimes even literally iron in the fire. Sculpting, carving, engraving, metal fabrication (including blacksmithing), painting, leather smith, drafting and mechanical design to name a few, as well as his daily work as an engineer and fabricator at his motorcycle shop in St Johns, Hammer In Hand Custom Cycles.

Title: Medium: Price:
“Woods at Sunrise” Oil on Canvas  $300
“If God Could Hear Me” Oil on Canvas $300
“Sleepy Hollow Mushroom #1” Oil on Canvas  $500
“Shelter” Oil on Canvas  NFS
“Yellow” Lacquer on Glass  $250
 “Blue” Lacquer on Glass  $250
 “Green” Lacquer on Glass  $250
 “Truncated” Steel  $3,500
 “Globe” Steel  $50
 “Rose” Steel  $50
 “Barn Owl” Stainless Steel  $3,500
“Sketch of a Fox” Steel  $900
“Hump Back Whale” Steel  NFS
"Hammer In Hand" Steel, Aluminum, Wood  $3,000
"Octopus Mailbox"  Steel  $2,500
"Woman-Studies In Form" Steel  $2,000

Kenneth Hunter

Kenneth Hunter is a painter, printmaker, and public works artist. His work focuses on the tension between medium acting as storyteller and undefined symbolism. He describes his works as a "life" where each piece has a different story to tell and came to their respective ends in different ways; but, with similar materials. The work is meant to be digested slowly as the viewer looks at the surface, to the medium, and finally the image to tell the result of all things, from how you start to where you end, and the effect of making choices.

A recent graduate from Michigan State University, Kenneth has already been recognised by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing with the 2016 Artist in Community Grant to install a labyrinth at Patriarche Park in East Lansing, MI later this year.

Contact: 248-877-5709 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title:  Meduim: Price:
Fool Acrylic on Board $150
Elected Acrylic on Sheet Metal $600
I do what I not want to do
Acrylic on Paper $400
Acrylic on Paper $500
Hope in the Unseen Acrylic and Graphite on Silk Screen $200
Helper, Teacher Advocate - Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Glass $200
 Union Acrylic, Colored Pencil, and Graphite on Silk Screen $200

Jennifer Medler

Jennifer Medler is the artist pumping paint and life into Jennifer Jean Designs. Her work is best described as vintage inspired portraits depressing raw emotion and movement through vibrant color and unique line work. Art has always been an important part of Jennifer’s life. She has been practicing since she was a young girl, painting with her grandmother at her ceramic shop in Lake Odessa.

You can follow her artwork on Instagram, #JenniferJeanDesigns, Facebook, or check out her website and the latest goings on at her web page, http://jenniferjeandesign.wixsite.com/jennifermedler 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title:  Meduim: Price:
Gandhi Print $125
The illustration $225

Mary “Makeshift” Molnar

Mary “Makeshift” Molnar is a mixed-media painter living and partying it up in Reo Town, Lansing. Dwelling on the beauty of fatness, words (foul and otherwise), and angry chicks, she seeks to deliver honesty in all that she does. With an equally important obsession with birds, coffee, and colors resembling rainbow vomit, she finds great pleasure.

 Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title:  Meduim: Price:
Bob Marley Quote 12x12in $40
Aqua Lansing Map MI 10x10in $30
Rainbow Coffee or Death  10x10in $30
Neon Cool Nude  10x10in $30
Feelings R Stupid 10x10in $30
Hot Pink & Black Nude 10x10in $30
Orange Merbabe 10x7in $25
Good Friends and Good Beer 10x10in $30
Optimistic Bird 10x10in $30
Life Goes On 10x10in $30
Wine Time, Bitches 12x12in $40
They Tried to Bury Us 12x12in $40
Camera 12x12in $40
Coffee Time, Bitches 10x7in $25
Health Shmealth 12x12in $40

Joy Baldwin

Joy Baldwin, holds an Associates in Human Services, is a mother, artist and community organizer with over a dozen years’ experience in project management, graphic design, web development, and volunteer coordination. Joy has worked on 30 community projects around Lansing and received over 30 awards for her art, poetry, photography, and journalism skills.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title:  Price:
Muffet $100
Row $100
Fallen $100
Broken $200
Vertigo $150

Paul & Nick Such

We ponder. We innovate. We design. We amaze. We've always viewed our sculptures as an exercise in improvisation, from start to finish. Rather than beginning with a preconceived idea of the finished piece, our sculptures first begin to take shape in the initial process of selecting their constituent scrap components, as certain pieces of steel suggest certain aesthetic and structural possibilities. These possibilities are then further explored; some rejected, some retained, and then eventually executed as composition proceeds into construction.

Buzzard Acres Studios is comprised of a father and son team, with over 55 years of combined metal fabrication and construction, the pieces are not only artistically sound but structural marvels as well.  The technique is just as important as the artistry.  A piece from Buzzard Acres is a legacy focus that will bring artistic enjoyment for generations to come.

Phone: 517-404-7291 or E-mail: Nick@BuzzardAcresStudios.com

Title: Price:
Paul Such
  Sentinel $300
  Storm Rising $300
  Forest Fire $300
Nick Such
  Swing $300
  Head Hunted $300
  Champion $250


Bob Pollack

Bob Pollack is based in Grand Ledge, Michigan and has been blacksmithing, sculpting, and welding for approximately 40 years. Working as an artist blacksmith, he creates unique and imaginative pieces using traditional blacksmithing techniques as well as more modern processes to create contemporary or traditional items to fulfill the client's needs.

As an artist blacksmith, Bob balances the needs of form and function into all the ironwork he creates, as well as combining it with his free flowing style.
Work is mostly to commission, designed and made to specific customer requirements. So, if you have an idea or design you would like to develop into forged metal, please do not hesitate to contact to discuss any ideas or requirements that you may have.

Bob Pollack, The Village Blacksmith, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title:  Meduim: Price:
Perch (42" Wide 19" Tall) $175
Cactus $1200
Plant Stand $225

REO Town Pub

Brad VanderMoere


Conact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Todd Shumway

With his abstract pieces, Todd Shumway is seeking a subjective harmony within the objective, often chaotic world. This tension is represented in the repetition of shapes, colors and patterns, suggest ing the comfort of familiarity - a subjective familiarity, discovered within the abstract piece. Todd was born in Lansing, grew up in Grand Ledge, and currently lives in the Brighton area.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title:  Meduim: Price:
Sideshow Mannequin (latex paint) $600
Zig Zag (various materials) $450
Constructing Yellow (various materials) $325
BB Machine
(various materials)  $375
Universal Totem (fabric paint on canvas) $225
Meditation in Red  (ink on canvas) $150
Meditation in Blue (ink on canvas) $200

Andrew Donaldson

Andrew Donaldson is a Michigan Man interested in the colors of the soul, and is in a constant quest to indulge life. Andrew dances with life’s experiences that energize the colors of his brush. A Hockey player, 4 time bull rider, 5 year Roughneck, skier, wake-boarder and most off all, a man of Integrity. Studied Art at ST. Mary’s University and acquired his bachelors in Electronic Publishing.

Contact: 231-392-1039 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title:  Meduim: Price:
"Float On" (Dark sky sail boat)  40" x 16" & 1.5" depth....acrylic on canvas $900
“Orange Sky’s” (Bright sky sail boat)  40” x 16” & 1.5” depth....acrylic on canvas $900
“Pier Electricity” (Grand Haven Pier) 36” x 24” & 1.5” depth....acrylic on canvas $800
“Mrs. 3 Toes” 
(Colorful bear) 24” x 36”....acrylic on canvas $800
“Warm Winters” (Long lake)  36” x 24” & 1.5” depth....acrylic on canvas $800
“Directed Color” (Pistol 45. ruger) 24” x 18”depth....watercolor on paper $600

Robin Theatre

Kelly Boyle

I’ve been a printmaker for many years but have recently been exploring other artforms, mainly collage and painting with acrylics. The collages on display here are similar in style to my screenprints – sharp edges, simple shapes, bright colors – but the process is more spontaneous, less technical. I love the playfulness this form allows.

I’d expected the same flat, abstracted style to carry over into my paintings – the Boogie Hands series – but the more I studied the pianists’ hands at work, the more my brush wanted to capture the beautiful form and musculature I was seeing, and canvas after canvas, my paintings became tighter and more realistic.

Piano at this level is both an artistic and athletic feat, and painting those hands a delightful challenge.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title:  Price:
Boogie Stomp  $300
Watermelon Man  $300
SingSingSing  $300
Seeley at the Creole  $300
Boogie Hands  NFS
All by Myself  $300
Okemos Breakdown  $300
St. Louis Blues  $300
Honky Tonk Train  $300
Boogie at the Creole  $300
Suitcase Blues  $300
Red Piano  $500
On the Floor  $350
Tomato Boogie  $350
Garden Party  $350

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